How to beat Darius
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Darius Q only gives you one stack of his passive with the blade of the axe, so sometimes it's better and easier to run towards him to win the trade. Report
NEVER engage him when your both full health hell grab you and out dmg you use your stun to engage then q him once en w away poke him down Report
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Just stay back and poke with Q+AA, optionally W+AA, save E for escape. If u feel good enough against Darius to dodge his Qs and Es u can deny him from farming, while keeping lane frozen near your turret. Report
After poking him down with your E, use your Q, E, R, E combo to end him for good! Report
Darius is a good counter for Vi but if you end up facing him with her try to use your E to poke him down. Hit the minions in front with the shockwave hurting him. Avoid his spin because it heals him; it will negate all the work you do poking him down. Report
Try to back off after Darius gets 4 passive stacks on you or even earlier if he didn't use his E since he will definetly outtrade you if he gets 5 stacks Report
Freeze the creeps under your tower so you can farm and stack Q in relative safety. If he attacks in tower range, Wither him and wail away. Ganks help immensely, do not engage him without one outside of tower range before level 9-ish. Report
Frozen Mallet Might be a good first item after getting phage since it gives you HP and help you kite even more. Darius Apprehend range is almost as big as your auto-attack range, so having an extra slow while you auto-cancel helps you not get caught. Report
Poke him until level 9. DO NOT engage, Even when your jungler comes nearby. Farm and stay near turrent until youre 9, and then go all-in. Afterwards I suggest taking liandry's torment to reduce his HP if hes going tanky. Report
Ekko can easily harrass Darius with his Q as it outranges him. Also, save your E for whenever Darius tries to Q you, as your E can help you escape the range of his Q. Report
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