How to beat Darius
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Once his Apprehend is on cooldown, he is incredibly easy to kite. Report
Denying him a reset on his ultimate with a shield/heal will significantly lower his damage output in a teamfight. Report
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Stay out of his Apprehend range if possible. Report
When you run away try to stay out of Darius' Q as it will give him 5% movement speed and do more damage. Report
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Kayle is very strong against Darius because of her ult. You do have to be a bit careful pre-6 due to jungler ganks. But by 6 there should be nothing Darius can do. His ulti has a long cast animation and you can ulti yourself to block the damage. Report
Play safe early game by poking with an autoattck, activate E, and get off a few more autos if possible then make sure you hit him with your E then retreat and repeat until you can all in or until he recalls, start with BotRK or Triforce Report
Passively farming until you have 50+ fury, then slice in, Q and E him, then quickly dice out. This wins trades with darius. Be sure to run away immediately as darius will outdamage if he apprehends then attacks during your getaway. Boots early may help. Report
Jayce keeps his distance, darius cant do much other than farm or wait for a gank, if you harass and farm constantly it should be an easy lane to go against Report
Harass the darius every chance you get, since he has no gap closer kiting him while he tries to e you is really good, keep your distance dont get caught by him but if you do your blind will help as he cant stack his passive from his aa or w. Report
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