How to beat Cassiopeia
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When engaging, try not to get hit by either her Q or W, as her E's cooldown is refreshed when you're poisoned. She can cause a lot of damage with that. The best way is to buy early boots and run to every way while attacking her. Report
She can poke the living hell out of you. Just try to farm safetly until lvl 3 then imediately engage with E-Q-W and autos. You'll probably kill her or even waste her flash. Report
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Your W is your weapon, it destroys her. If you move enough she won't be able to hit you with her Q, however when you are poisoned she'll run striaght to you so you can just E+W+Q+W her. At level 6 you can one-shot her. Keep on eye on their jungler thoug Report
Start with Boots and 4 pots. Never stand in her Noxious Blast (Q, 4sec cd). Just dance around, hit her with the edge of your Q. If you can bring her down to ~50-60% you can combo kill her with ult. Get Spectre's and Hexdrinker or Quicksilver for her ult. Report
You will destroy Cassiopeia early game. When she uses her Q, use Q to dash to her. At this point, you can all in her and win the fight. Save your R just in case you get hit by her R. After her R, you can R to kill her. Use it to escape if needed. Report
With a good reaction, combo her into a E-Q-W-R and you'll probably kill her since you get invisible and she can't hit you with her abilties, especially her E. Just try not to get stunned from her ult. Report
Try starting with boots if you have no abilities providing mobility, this should help you dodge her q's early negating a lot of her all in potential Report


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