How to beat Cassiopeia
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Don't get overconfident just because you build MR, Cassi can still do insane sustained damage so after a QE you should leave her range and avoid getting caught in it. Report
Cassiopeia's "Twin Fang (E)" is set to a 0.5 CD when she poisons people (with here Q or W). HOWEVER, posion from other sources (Teemo, Singed, etc) also work for her E CD. Beware of Cassiopeia with other poisonous champs Report
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Your W is a fantastic counter to the DoT based damage Cassi deals, it should be maxed after Q in this match up. Report
Use your stunny combo to deal some damage, and than immediatley retreat that she cannot touch you because cassiopeia can deal more damage than syndra. Continue this until you can kill her with an ulti. Report
Play passive pre-6! Only focus on CS. If you can get CS while poking her, go for it. Save your mana, and reach level 6. Once you hit 6, you can destroy her. Try to fakeout her ultimate by double ulting. Your 2nd ult will send you BEHIND her ;3 Report
If you plan on ulting Cassiopeia, make sure you click away from her before you start spinning. The direction your facing when you ulted is based upon what direction you were facing before you ulted, so if you E'd and then ulted she would stun you. Report
Max E, try to dodge her skills and use your wall to prevent her E from reducing cooldown. Try to punish her when she doesn't have ult or just aware when she use it. Report
Cassiopia has a very predictable engage. If she manages to go in for a rapid-fire E affter you;ve been poisoned, unleash your EWQ combo onto her and back away. You'll win the trade if she hasn't landed enough E's on you, Report
Don't engage early. Dodge her moves. Poke her down before you engage 1v1. Report
Start crystalline flask and pots. Farm until three, poking occasionally. Once level three, use your e q w combo to poke her and get away if she tries to fight. If she ults you, she doesn't stop your ult so if you are in range it will keep hitting her. Report


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