How to beat Braum
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Braum must land Winter's Bite or a basic attack to start Concussive Blows. If you get marked, exit combat range before getting hit 3 more times to avoid the stun. Report
Unbreakable gives Braum extremely strong directional defense, either wait until it is down or outposition the ability. Report
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Avoid grouping up in a line so Braums ult won't hit a lot of your team. Report
Do you not caught by his ulti in the jungle, in the narrow paths it can be hard to get out of the slow on the ground Report
As morgana, watch for his passive proc and use your black shield to counter the stun on the passive. if they proc his passive while black shielded he wont be able to do the passive again on the same person for a little bit, use this advantage. Report
Ban braum Report
Leona's E and ult both bypass his Unbreakable, and her Q and ult are both instantaneous stuns, so the locked down target cannot follow up to get the stun if Braum triggers Concussive Blows on her or another target. Report
Be wary of standing next to enemy minions, as it provides Braum the opportunity to dash next to you. Once caught in melee with his Winter's Bite (Q) still up it is hard to escape him. Report
If in a situation where Braum's carry is low HP, stun braum so he can't shield his carry from any last hits. Report
Basically, press E and win. The two things that Braum is good for is his tankiness and his hard CC. We can eliminate one of those things. Morg's Spell shield can cancel that CC from both his passive and Q. Basically, a must-support against Braum. Report


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