How to beat Blitzcrank with Leona Click here for How to beat Leona with Blitzcrank
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If He grabs you, just stun him and go back to your place. If He grabs your ADC, go there with your E, stun him and go back to your place or simply go for his ADC, is more equitable. Report
This is just too easy. I mean blitzcrank q=free zenith blade :D Report
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Try to save your ADC by being infront of him, so if Blitz try to grab your ADC, he'll grab you and you can go all in on your opponent ADC Report
Pre-6, getting grabbed by Blitzcrank means an easier Zenith Blade (E) towards his ADR, just be sure to cast it before he knocks you up. After-6, take care from his silence. Report
Try to get Blitz to pull u in and knock u up. When he has done that just e over to their adc and stun him. Blitz is now pretty useless and can't do anything to protect the enemy's adc. Begin game this might be dangerous, but later you're tanky enough. Report


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