How to beat Blitzcrank
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Pre-6, getting grabbed by Blitzcrank means an easier Zenith Blade (E) towards his ADR, just be sure to cast it before he knocks you up. After-6, take care from his silence. Report
-In Draft Pick- If you see a Blitzcrank on enemy team, Pick ADC's/Supports with SpellShields, If not. Consider getting a Bashees Veil early. ADC Recommended: Sivir Support Reccomended: Morgana/Braum/Thresh Report
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Use your spell shield to neglect the blitz q, you will need some reaction time for this, you can also spell shield his ultimate or e if you end up being close to a blitzcrank Report
Keep lane bushes warded, some Blitzcranks will attempt to surprise Rocket Grab you from the bush. Report
Please hug me Blitzcrank! WOOSH! Report
You beat blitz because of some pretty obvious things, Just get in front of the adc when blitz tries to grab, and just knock blitz to the adc if he pulls you. Report
Sona is extremely week against Blitzcrank. Be always behind the minions and remember that your Q have priority in champions, so when they are in the range poke them. Save your mana for the W when the carry need a heal. Use flash if Blitz catch you Report
If you are quick enough, (My personal Combo: Saving ADC) W and E iddemediatly. Activate youre Relic Shield (Item) If she/he gets damaged by Unbreakable (E) Penetrable skillshots. But dont burn youre flash/Relic Shield Field too early. Report
Vayne's Tumble (Q) can be used to dodge blitzcrank's pulls and if you do get hit by a pull you can use your Condemn (E) to push blizcrank away so he can't CC you. Report
It's not as bad as people think. Keep bushes warded and only poke while close to minions. Get an early rank into e (Song of Celerity) around level 2 or 3 if healing is needed; to avoid his grab. Report


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