How to beat Azir with Lux Click here for How to beat Lux with Azir
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Lux should be playing agro has her E now has more range than Azir. As Azir, play safe and call for ganks. Try to snowball lane then you'll be better off. Report
Az Azir, save your E. When Lux uses Q, drift and swerve around it to then punish Lux hard; however, a good Lux will never waste her Q so a safer bet is to scale better to late game as you scale harder and have sustained damage compared to her burst. Report
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These two used to have similar play styles, but with the 7.19 update, Azir now has a more aggressive outlook. Without ample kiting and juking, it'll be hard for Azir to reach Lux. As Lux, play agro asap. As Azir, focus on CS, get to late as you scale har Report


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