How to beat Azir
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Azirs are forced to start with their W first. At level 1, their soldiers are very immobile, and so is Azir. At level 2, he'll probably take his Q. He shouldn't have escapes until level 3. Get an early gank to try to snowball lane. Report
Azir's E has a generally long cooldown. If he has dashed recently, take advantage of his escape being down. Be careful if he turns around on you. His shield gives a lot more protection than you think. Report
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Do not fight Azir/his team around a destroyed tower base. Engage once his tower's health is REALLY low, or when it dissipates. It only stays up for 1 minute, and has a 3 minute cooldown. Report
Azir has to get close for his ultimate to be effective. If he's dashing into a dangerous situation, you can assume he's about to ult. Report
If an enemy has vision on one of Azir's soldiers, they have vision of Azir. Report
High mobility is the counter to Azir, if a champion can move around quickly Azir cannot keep his soldiers on them and they can move to safe zones while fighting him. Ahri and Fizz are examples of such champions. Report
Think about his soldiers as fire, never stand near them. Report
Azir's escaped can be canceled if a champion stands in his way. If an Azir is attempting to escape, try to stand in between his soldiers, and him. Report
Azir's teamfight pattern relies mostly on sustained damage, burst him down if you can otherwise he will be a huge threat in teamfights. Report
Always try to stay off small passages in the jungle and base entrances after his ult hits 3, he can put you in a complicated situation in case of a teamfight, wait for a moment where azir's ultimate wouldn't have much of an affection on your teamfights. Report


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