How to beat Azir
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Azirs are forced to start with their W first. At level 1, their soldiers are very immobile, and so is Azir. At level 2, he'll probably take his Q. He shouldn't have escapes until level 3. Get an early gank to try to snowball lane. Report
Azir's E has a generally long cooldown. If he has dashed recently, take advantage of his escape being down. Be careful if he turns around on you. His shield gives a lot more protection than you think. Report
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Do not fight Azir/his team around a destroyed tower base. Engage once his tower's health is REALLY low, or when it dissipates. It only stays up for 1 minute, and has a 3 minute cooldown. Report
Azir has to get close for his ultimate to be effective. If he's dashing into a dangerous situation, you can assume he's about to ult. Report
Zed can get past your ult easily by throwing his shadows over it. Report
Whenever he moves a soldier towards you in lane, just use a shadow and jump on him. He won't have an answer to your basic kit and autoattacks until his Q comes back off cooldown. Report
Pre-6, Azir will bully lane pretty hard. Azir should play behind minions to avoid Ahri's Charm combo. Once 6 is hit, Ahri will just be TOO mobile for Azir. Mobility counters Azir. Report
Zed has too much mobility for you. If you send your Soldiers after him, he can easily dodge them by teleing to his Shadows. Report
Annie's E returns damage dealt by the sand-soldiers. Also he can't really dive in on you since you stun him and burst him down pretty easily. Report
Your satchel charge jump will not get you over Azir's wall so don't try! Report
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