How to beat Amumu
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Try not to bunch up against his AOE CC ultimate. Report
Use ranged attacks to kite him around to avoid all of his AoE Damage. Report
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If you can, invade his jungle and steal his blue buff, Amumu consumes a lot of mana while clearing at early levels, so he wont have enough mana to gank or farm. Report
Ward well to avoid Amumu's ganks. If you can dodge his Q, the bandage toss is his gap closer, he has no way of effectively ganking. Report
Amumu gains natural resilience to autoattack-based champions due to Tantrum's passive. Utilize burst damage over consistent damage in order to maximize the total damage that is dealt to him. Report
Don't chase Amumu if you're low, because he can easily fake you out with a well placed bandage toss and melt you. Report
Remember that his ult is not a stun: even though you can't move or attack while affected by it, you can still cast any non movement abilities Report
Please please don't dive an Amumu with his Ult up. If he correctly chains his Q with his Ult the stun length will keep you, and your teamamates locked down under tower for a lot of time. This is one of the easiest ways for an Amumu to get fed. Report
Locking down an Amumu early is essential to forcing him out of the game. Try to invade and get good ward coverage of his jungle early. Stealing buffs, forcing him out of his jungle, killing him and generally being a pain in the ass will frustrate him Report
Amumu can carry games by getting 3-5 man ults off. By getting a QSS or simply not giving him the opportunity to get that 3-5 man ult will easily force him out of the game. Playing against a tanky team comp is also very frustrating as an AP Amumu Report


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