How to beat Akali with Ziggs Click here for How to beat Ziggs with Akali
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You have to shut her down before 6 or you will be in major trouble. Punish her everytime she tries to farm and use your e in your minions if Twilight Shroud is used. Evolve skills in Q-E-Q-W-Q-R order to max your poke. Report
You can poke her down pre-level 6 pretty hard and push her to tower if their jungle presense isnot that grea t or offer much CC. Later on when she uses her Twilight Shroud (W), buy a Pink ward so you can land your Q. Report
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Poke her down with Q and autoattacks, and harass her in her W with your E. If she has her ult, drop your W so you can detonate it if she tries to jump to you from her W. Only ult her in her W if you're certain you can kill or get her down very low. Report
Akali is relativity vulnerable to your poke pre 6 but after you must play extremely cautiously. Shove her in early with you Q and E as farming under tower while trying to dodge Bouncing Bombs can present a problem for her. Report


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