How to beat Akali with Kassadin Click here for How to beat Kassadin with Akali
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A good item for start vs akali is dorans shield, cause of hp regen, and cause akali until level 6 will hit u more with hits instead of spells. Report
If you land your Q before she lands hers you will negate most of the trades damage. Try to poke her as much as possible and if you beat her to level 6, all in her and without her ult you should win easily. Poke, all-in, win. Get Rod of Ages as well. Report
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Combine the previous tip with harass of course, if you can't beat her when doing all in. If she builds WotA or Hextech Gunblade, buy morellonomicon and counter that health restoring. Report
Build RoA, Abysall scepter, Rabaddon , zhonya, magic penetration boots and magic pen rod. When fighting her, enter with ulti, do your combo, wait till ult is in cd, and ult out. If she still follows with ult, zhonya, get your ult back and ult out. Report


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