How to beat Ahri with Zed Click here for How to beat Zed with Ahri
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Post-6 if Ahri uses her ultimate for anything and puts in on cooldown, she is almost a free kill for you if you have your ult available. Report
Ahri is very vulnerable to early shadow based harass as she is super soft and has little in the way of tools to punish you for using your mobility move early on in the game. Report
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Ahri's Charm is ideal against Zed when he ults her as she can just time it when he appears and combo him quite heavily. To avoid this either Flash behind her the the moment you appear, or use a W Shadow on her before you ult her and then R again and W bk Report
If You Engage on her and She Tries to R Away Dont Try to prolong it unless You have W&Flash Up With Ignite unless She is fairly low then go ahead otherwise Take the cooldown and R Back and Be Agressive Try To Abuse The Lack Of Ult from her Report
The best time to use your Death Mark is when Ahri goes for an all-in fight. Most lead with their Spirit Rush and your ultimate negates all the initial burst and allows you to outplay her for an easy kill. Report
Dont Go For Ranged Creeps Melee If She Has E try to Save Q For ranged like anyother ranged macthups.Save W Much as possible Because Her E can set up alot of ganks(But Depends on Jungler)But If You Get A Chance EWQ her because of E's Slow wins vsHerQ Spee Report


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