How to beat Ahri with Yasuo Click here for How to beat Yasuo with Ahri
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All of Ahri's abilities are telegraphed projectiles, you can easily Windwall any of them. Ideally you should windwall her Charm to avoid the CC and damage amplification from it. Report
Ahri has a very skillshot reliant kit as the most part of her damage is weighted into her Charm/Orb combo. You should abuse the ability of accidentally dodging it by spamming your E on minions during laning phase. Report
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Late game you can pop her entire combo with your windwall, even if she isn't targeting you. You should look for this opportunity since your 1 ability can pretty much make her worthless in a teamfight. Report
Ahri doesn't have reliable enough damage or the mana sustain to handle your harass. You should constantly E onto her and stab her and then E away whenever you can, she will not be able to trade favourably. Even if she lands a Charm, her mana can't take Report
She is very Squishy! Dont be afraid attacking her but be careful of her Charm and attack only if her Charm is on Cooldown. Use your Windwall to block her Q and Charm and go all in! Report


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