How to beat Ahri with Talon Click here for How to beat Talon with Ahri
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When engaging on her, bait her into trying to Charm to by making it look like you are an easy target to hit and dodge it by E'ing onto her bypassing the Charm and thus winning the trade that follows. Report
When fighting in minion waves you can time your ult to dodge her Foxfires and Ultimate since they fire their charges on cast, if she can't see you they will all be wasted on minions. Report
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When going for a kill don't hold back, use everything you have ASAP else she will likely escape with her ult or Hourglass since it will probably be her first item. Report
Save your gap closer for her charm, she'll be pressured to use it for sure if you walk up to her. Report
Punish her as hard as you can every time she wastes/misses a Charm. Report
Her Q is very predictable as she would most often try to position in a way that it hits the maximum amount of targets and the maximum amount of times. Bait her into throwing her Q at the minions and then poke her with your W. Report


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