How to beat Ahri with Swain Click here for How to beat Swain with Ahri
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Post-6 Ahri literally can't do anything to Swain as she lacks the burst to kill him without major items. Phish for Roots with your W and if it ever lands all in her, if she has ult or flash she will need them just to survive, if not however... Report
Although Swain counters Ahri quite hard, he is still vulnerable for the first 5 levels from her poke. You should aim to avoid her Q poke and stay behind minions to avoid Charm. If you land a W, quickly EQ and back off, or ideally be in your minions. Report
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If you get ganked depending on the jungler you can likely 2vs1 post-6 as long as you fight them inside a minion wave to get the most out of your ultimate. Report


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