How to beat Ahri with Morgana Click here for How to beat Morgana with Ahri
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Push always and forever, at no stage in the game will Ahri be able to keep up with your pushing power and you are pretty much guaranteed to have a CS lead. Report
Save your Black Shield for her Charm, she is reliant on landing it for her damage. The shield will not block the damage amplifier from it but it will stop the CC and allow you to dodge Ahri's orb. Report
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Don't be afraid to push, if she stands among minions to avoid snare she'll take damage from tormented soil. If you black shield her charm she's basically useless. Report
If Ahri is without her ult post-6, you can walk up to her and kill her easily by initiating with your ult as she is extremely soft and has no mobility outside of her ultimate. Report
Just shield yourself when Ahri goes in with Charm and harras her all day with Q W combo. Try only to ult when 1.) her ult is on cd or 2.) you just hit a binding and have flash up or Ahri can jump out of it. easy matchup for morgana if you can play her. Report
Going Chalice first along with your Black Shield and high sustain in lane pretty much means Ahri will never be able to kill you in lane. Report


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