How to beat Ahri with Malzahar Click here for How to beat Malzahar with Ahri
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Be certain that Ahri's charm has been used up before initiating your ultimate - preemptive knowledge of your ultimate may result in a smart-casted charm that cancels your full combo. Report
If you have a bug ready, go out into the open and use your Q or W on her the moment you see her cast Charm, this will spawn the minion between the 2 of you and will intercept the charm and will lead to Ahri losing the trade. Report
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Just push, Use your E and Q all the time and push her to oblivion and force her to farm under the tower. Her waveclear isn't strong enough to compete with yours until she gets items. Report
During skirmishes don't be afraid you ult her the moment she is in range since she is soft and relies on her mobility to stay alive. You being able to keep her still can be all it takes for your team to take her down instantly. Report


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