How to beat Ahri with Katarina Click here for How to beat Katarina with Ahri
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As Katarina, you need to make sure that you don't get greedy for farm in this matchup. Max Q, and try to only autoattack creeps that won't get you punished by an autoattack. At level 6, if you manage to E her charm, you can all in her. Try to space well Report
This is my favorite match up, Ahri does NOT counter you as Kat. You just have to outskill her, bait out her charm and PUNISH her for it, make her use her q and then use yours, stay behind minions when using q and only all in if charm is on cd. Report
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Dont ever go all-in (after 6) if Ahri has her charm or ult up, she can just charm and dash out from your ult range. Report


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