How to beat Ahri
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Do not underestimate the range for Ahri's Q. Remember, if she hits you with the tip of her Q, you will instantly take damage from both parts of her Q(Forward and Back) Report
The best time to use your Death Mark is when Ahri goes for an all-in fight. Most lead with their Spirit Rush and your ultimate negates all the initial burst and allows you to outplay her for an easy kill. Report
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When playing versus an Ahri, a way to guarantee a safe laning phase is to burn her Flash. Pre-level 6, this is her only escape and will force her to play a more passive lane. If she chooses not to, clear all vision that you can, and call for ganks. Report
If you do your pre-6 combo to Ahri, move to the side because she probably will try to charm you right away Report
do so all dear you Report
-As master yi, save your alpha strike for her charm, It dodges it, closes the gap, and leave her vulnerable. Report
Ahri's power is in her charm. Saying that, if you stay behind your minions you will get harrassed by her q. Get boots first, you need the mobility. You CAN out-harras her, but generally it's better to play safe. In trades, if you can dodge her charm ur Report
Run in a straight line and pay attention to Ahri. When you see Charm (E) being casted, dodge one way and punish her hard for missing the spell. Report
Try to trade with her every time your Q is off CD, but if you do this, make sure you use your W active every time it is off CD as well to maintain your mana. Report
Punish her as hard as you can every time she wastes/misses a Charm. Report
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