How to beat Ahri with Annie Click here for How to beat Annie with Ahri
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Ahri cannot trade with you favourably due to your stun eliminating any chance of her to retaliate but she does outrange you for poking so don't go running face first into a Charm. Report
If she fires Charm she has a noticable downtime before it is available and her damage potential plummits without it. You should abuse that downtime by getting in her face and zoning her hard. Report
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Due to Charm not bypassing minions but they have no affect on any of your abilities you should generally always try to be near your own minions as they provide you with the advantage. Report
All you have to do is play it safe and farm up until you can get enough damage to burst her with stun before she can get you or get away. Report
all you have to do in lane is bait out her charm then go in weather it is with your ult or just qw combo it will stilldo a sufficient amount of damage and you can just bully her out of lane while u pick up some kills bot or top Report
Try to stay behind minions and stack the stun,when you have stun try to getting close to her(but watch out for her charm) and then just do a simple combo with W+Q Report


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