How to beat Ahri
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Stay behind minions to prevent yourself from getting charmed. Report
In lane, punish her for missing her charm. Report
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Ahri's survivability is significantly decreased when her ultimate is on cooldown, so try to kill her/call for a gank when you know her ultimate is down. Report
Focus her when she uses her ultimate aggressively into a teamfight. Report
When you go to QW her in lane, W from your minions so she can't Charm you. A good Ahri will be able to interupt your W mid flight with her Charm, if you are against one, be creative with the angles you W in at. Report
When you W on to her and she misses Charm, commit to the kill fully since her Orb will be too difficult to land and her only source of damage will be her Foxfires which won't hurt that much in lane compared to what you have to offer. Report
You can use your W to bait her Charm just by W'ing out into the open near her and waiting for her to cast it and then just teleporting back. Charm is a high cooldown(~12 seconds) and high mana cost(85) for Ahri in lane. Report
When you are going even, try to engage on her with Q rather than E so that you can use E to dodge her Foxfires and Charm. Report
Abyssal Scepter first against Ahri will make you seem like you are a full blown tank that deals tons of damage from her perspective. Report
As Katarina, you need to make sure that you don't get greedy for farm in this matchup. Max Q, and try to only autoattack creeps that won't get you punished by an autoattack. At level 6, if you manage to E her charm, you can all in her. Try to space well Report
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