How to beat Aatrox
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Stay out of Miss Fortune's AA range, and charge up your headshots and poke. Use your range. Report
Aatrox is one of the best duelists early game, and can be a real nuisance in teamfights, especially if his passive is up. Don't focus him first in teamfights, and apply grievous wounds on him to make him less useful. Report
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If jungle go hard dmg becouse in the teamfights they cant focus you becouse of youre passive but if they dont focus you you will deal tons of dmg, if top go hybrid dmg,tank becouse its easy too sustain and you can go ham in teamfights if they choose focus Report
Avoid fighting aatrox at low health because if he has his receive up he flan grow greater in health than you and kill you Report
Aatrox can be a decent mid laner. His ability to poke at long ranges, while heal up at close ranges makes him a very effective counter to mana heavy close range burst mids (Like Talon). Report
Aatrox is effective against certain skillshot mid champions with his manaless poke and dash. Do not always assume he is going top or jungle. Report


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