How to beat Aatrox
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Try to camp burrow form if you are not cs'ing. Once he dives in for knockup, unburrow to counter his knockup with yours. Report
You really can't do anything but farm under tower. That is, until he gets his ult where he can kill you under tower. Just ask for ganks as its a free kill for your jgler if Aatrox is pushed up (which he always will be). Report
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Build early Randuins and/or Sunfire Cape and take every opportunity to trade with Aatrox in lane phase. Chances are he will use his Q to disengage - that's when you use your Q to chase him down. Stay on top of him or he will become a problem late game. Report
Getting early movement speed boots will do great against Aatrox. With that and your ultimate it'll be easier to dodge his Q & E and he won't be able to AA you since it's his main source of damage and heal and continuously take damage from Poison Tr Report
If Aatrox engages with Dark Flight, just Fling him to your minions. He's squishier than most top laners so you'll take a good amount of his health with Poison Trail plus minion aggro. Report
Nidalee destroys Aatrox in lane. Aatrox is squishy during his laning phase, making him vulnerable to high damage coming from Nid's spears. Nid can jump out of his Q, as well. Time a spear well while he's in passive for one-shot. Report
Rammus can interrupt Dark Flight with Powerball. Aatrox also has low Armor and will certainly die if Puncturing Taunt connects in a teamfight. Nonetheless Aatrox is not easy to reach because of Blades of Torment and Dark Flight. Report
just wait till aatrox jumps and then Q to doge knock up you should save your Q for that is they have a yasuo then ult and e and while he is reviving W and go again you should beat aatrox every time Report
Early zone him away from creeps with your barrel and if he tries to jump on you with a w proc, just body slam into him. Report
If you poke him a few times with Q,you can win a trade when you hit 3 and start snowballing. Report


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