How to beat Aatrox
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Fiora hits way harder. Engage early and often before he builds up Blood Well, pokes Fiora down or abuses his superior sustain. Report
use your w when he tries to knock you up to stun him Report
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REWORK: Very easy matchup. Counter his knockup with your W, use his low mobility afterwards to pop his vitals and win trades. Report
In early game as Nasus try to farm beacose you will lose trades.When you will get into mid and late and you will have good stacks you should easily kill him but beware of his passive! beacose he can turn 1v1 fight for his benefit. Report
You need to be passive until having a Pickaxe, because your Trades are very strong with the Q -> Auto. Try to Block his E with your W and trade afterwards. You should also buy some Manapots after the first back, so you can Poke him with your Q Report
Time your slow/stun after he uses Dark Flight to engage on you. He will be escapeless, unless he uses flash. Report
Use your q+w combo and zone aatrox so he cant sustain. wait till he is really low then all in with e as well. Be careful because it can be close because of aatrox's passive. Report
Always ward since Darius has no mobility at all. He can be easily killed especially when Aatrox slows you and knocks you up along side with his jungler. Report
Dodge his E. It may seem like it does no damage but it will do later on. Always ward to look out for ganks. Lastly, don't let Aatrox regen with his W. Keep on harrasing him the moment he tries to cs with your Q and you will win lane easily. Report
Displacing him during Dark Flight will break his only gap closer, rendering him useless for a long duration. Report


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