How to beat Aatrox
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Buy items with Grievous Wounds, like Executioner's Calling, you will make him cry Report
You can easily dodge his "Q" and his "E" with your "E".When you go all in make sure you stun him to negate the basic attack damage,and then proceed to dodge his "Q" and "E" and do damage overall.Good Luck on the fields of justice and Have Fun :D Report
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Carry ignite for his heal. You out trade him pre-6. Utilize your passive. You can kill him if you hit 2 first. If he tries trading pre 3 fight it to the death (as long as you don't have minion aggro), your passive really hurts him this early. Hes squishy Report
Try to stay near minions so you can dodge his Dark Flight with your Sweeping Blade. Report
As a Rengar player get advantage over Aatrox in the early levels, due to your high burst damage in the early game. As Aatrox, you NEED help from ur Jungler early, otherwise Rengar will dominate and zone you out, until he roams and dominates the game. Report
Play aggressivly. Go in with Nimbus Strike (E) -> AA -> Crushing Blow (Q), repeat this but dont let him heal on minions with Blood Thirst (W) and watch out for enemy jungler. Report
When Aatrox is killed lategame, don't give a damn about the fact that he is reviving. Focus on his other teammates instead of just standing and looking how he is reviving. Report
You can block his Blades of Torment with your Wind Wall. Report
Bully him in lane pre-6. Build a Raduin's Omen for the Armor, Health & AS slow. Aatrox is weaker than Garen in Defense, so take that to advantage. If you get his passive down, Q him as soon as possible so he won't escape with his Q. Report
Aatrox can be extremely versatile with his W. switching between damage, or a heal, try to zone him out of attacking until his resource bar depletes. he will have much less attack speed, meaning less damage or healing from his W. Report


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