How to beat Aatrox
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Killing him when his resource bar is low will make him revive with much lower health. Report
Attack speed reduction items/skills are great against him as most of his damage comes from auto attacking. Report
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Try to avoid his Dark Flight's center of impact to avoid getting knocked up. Report
If he builds full damage, focus him first. Report
Don't waste your mana trying to poke him pre-6, he is just going to effortlessly heal it back up and you are only putting yourself in harms way trying it. Report
Always be ready for him to try jump on you, the moment he jumps you can try Charm him midair as it will stop him from landing and dealing damage. Report
Condemning Aatrox as he casts Dark Flight will cancel the ability. Blades of Torment is a very slow-traveling ability so wait for him to cast it, then use Tumble to take as little damage as possible. Report
You should use your ultimate defensively most of the time in this match up and let Aatrox start the fights since you win them by kiting and having him run into your damage. That doesn't mean don't try kill him if he is making it easy however. Report
poke him early game and care his jump or stun try to dodge it with you e and use your q + auto attack combo and kill him Report
Jax does really well against aatrox in lane, his e countrs aatroxes w, his damage out scales aatroxes, jax also wins trades in lane better, as a jax this lane isnt easy to lose. Report
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