The Sinister Blade
Counter Tips
How to counter Katarina as Yasuo
Be sure you have the third Q ready, then if katarina ult's you can cancel it with Steel Temperest (Tornado)
Use your Windwall to block her ultimate : you must keep it and be very reactive.
before level 6, try to keep your distance from your minnions and poke her with sweeping blade and steel tempest, after level 6, when she engages you with her ultimate, you have to put your windwall in front of you and use E to move through her & windw
Ideally you'd Wind Wall after she has Shunpo'd over to ult you. But if this is the case, Wind Wall, then try and dash or move through the wall and her daggers will still be blocked.
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The Unforgiven
Counter Tips
How to counter Yasuo as Katarina
Make sure you wait for his windwall to go on cooldown or shunpo behind it before using your ultimate.
Early game, when Yasuo is ready to launch his whirlwind, approach to a distance where you can use your shunpo on him. The moment he launches it, shunpo behind him, then use Q-W and back away. He won't have many options to fight back.
In teamfights, wait until his windwall is down and focus him. Q, E, W, R is the normal Katarina combo. Once that happens, Shunpo to the next Aatrox/Ahri/Akali/Alistar/Anivia/Annie/Ashe/Azir/Blitzcrank/Braum ya u know what i mean :D
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Skill match up
Gumberz - Posted about Jul 18th, 2014
As Kat:
- Start Cloth + 5HP
- Use your Q on minions, hitting Yasuo along the path to pop his shield (it's best not to target him first though)
- Easy harass/Popping shield is to walk up to him, W, then side step as you run away to avoid his Q
* Your W goes through his wall
- Obviously use E to get over his wall when needed
- Avoid ulting when he has his wall up
- Avoid ulting when there is a friendly creep wave around you, as he will dash out

As Yas:
- Start Dorans Blade + 1HP
- Kat's Q will bounce to the nearest target, so avoid standing near minions
- If Kat walks up to W you, E > Q her to avoid missing your Q due to her movement speed
* A good Kat will E back to a minion as soon as you E her, if not before
- Pre-6, use your wall to deny Kat CS when she uses her Q
- Post-6 save your wall for her ult
* If she E's to you, placing your wall towards her will typically not block her ult. You can place it behind you and walk out, or in front of you and E to a minion
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