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How to counter Lux as Talon
Lux is extremely soft at pretty much all stages of the game. You should go for kills very aggressively especially at levels 2-3, use your E to bypass her Binding and just go all in on her.
Buy t1 boots afer brutalizer to dodge her q and e,lux can harass u all day long,dodge her ss and be safe,after 6,if she missed q and e,shes pretty much dead against u
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How to counter Talon as Lux
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This SHOULD be an easy matchup
SirenX - Posted about Jul 15th, 2014
I main Lux. And Talon IS a hard counter!

If the Talon isn't fully retarded, you will get fed OR outfarm her. Lux has to play very active until LVL 3, then very passive, because Talon will kill her with an full combo ( or burst her low ). His E can dodge your Lux Q, so don't use it! The Silence is painful, so you can't really react when he's going in.

However i had 3 matches against a Talon and i won all of them ( maybe the Talon was too bad ). I just played passive, CSed with my E or auto-attacks and asked for jungler help. Then I roamed. After 3 kills, he wasn't a hard lane anymore. I took every advantage and didn't go back, because i could get 1 level ahead in this time.

Never let him dodge your Q. On 6 he should normally be able to go all in and kill you if you played it out bad. So like everytime: Play Safe.

Have fun.
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[ - ] SOS-Char - Posted about Sep 3rd, 2014
@Milly999 That's exactly what i meant with "this matchup is meh for Talon".

If the Lux is bad, Talon will get fed. If she's good, Talon will outfarm her, but none of them will kill the other one.

And if he managed to zone Lux out, she will farm with her E which is inevitably gonna hit Talon too if he tries to get the CS, Which actually turns out into Talon zoning himself out.
This also inevitably pushes the Lane to Lux's side making Talon an easy target for a Gank.
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[ - ] Milly999 - Posted about Aug 26th, 2014
straight off bs. i main lux, every talon i've been up against just fed me, talon's E range isn't really far. as lux, u just stay out of that range , u can snare, u can E, u can poke, just dont poke him with basics if ur snare is on CD cause that is asking for trouble :P

just poke E , basic, if he teleports to you, snare + basic (if E gets off CD, E and basic too), ignite, and hes dead.

if u get ult, its 10x as easy. E + basic poke , if he teleports to you, wait for that 1sec silence to go over, snare + basic + ignite+ ult= instakill.

really easy!

i also play talon and i swear to God , i cannot beat lux with talon unless the lux is a retard. all lux has to do is STAY out of W and E range and you're totally fine.
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