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How to counter Lux as Talon
Lux is extremely soft at pretty much all stages of the game. You should go for kills very aggressively especially at levels 2-3, use your E to bypass her Binding and just go all in on her.
Buy t1 boots afer brutalizer to dodge her q and e,lux can harass u all day long,dodge her ss and be safe,after 6,if she missed q and e,shes pretty much dead against u
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How to counter Talon as Lux
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This is a meh matchup for Talon
SOS-Char - Posted about Jul 13th, 2014
playing against Lux as Talon is sorta meh if you ask me. If the Lux is bad, Talon will get fed. If the Lux is good, Talon will outfarm her, but never kill Lux in Lane.
If Talon manages to zone Lux out, she will use her E for farming, which is inevitably gonna hit Talon if he tries to go for Minions too. Zoning Lux out=Zoning yourself out.
But Talon does have an advantage over Lux, which is his E allowing him to dodge her Skillshots with minimal effort and then killing her IF he gets into her range, which will be the biggest problem against a good Lux.
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[ - ] bolasebb - Posted about Jul 29th, 2014
dunno why this has so many downvotes, as a talon main i agree
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[ - ] KrIstIaN430 - Posted about Mar 13th, 2015
I also main Talon. If the Lux is good, Talon will have a hard time trying to kill Lux but Talon can still farm to get strong. Its harder but Lux is still Kill-able. Talon is a champion that lower their target's hp by harass then go all-in for a kill. Lux can't go too far from the minions because if she did, she will not get EXP, using this, talon can use his on the ranged minion then use to hit lux. Once Lux health is at least half, Talon can definitely go and kill Lux. Repeating this + Roaming will get Talon fed and start killing anyone in one go without having the need to harass them first.

If you had a hard time understanding what I said because of my Grammar, I'm sorry.
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[ - ] IamHmongry - Posted about Jul 14th, 2014
Watch out for Lux players who harass with E and then wait for a Q to land. Good Lux players will activate her ult a split second before the Q hits (if they know 100% the Q will land) and it will proc the passive (Lux's R deals more damage if you have her Illumination debuff activated). Even if Lux can't follow up, this combo early/mid game will most likely send you back to base. Talon's E is easy to kite because most Talon players will telegraph it by YOLO-ing straight towards Lux to get into range. Get creative with your kiting to dodge the E, dodge the Q, and then E/R/W/Q combo away.

Higher elo players I have played Lux against will activate R at any time and from bushes to have a better chance to close in with E to start their combo.
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