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How to counter Zed as Ziggs
In case Zed ults you, drop your W below yourself. That way, after his ult animation ends, you'll immediately explode your W knocking Zed back and you aswell. That way you'll avoid the rest of the damage he needs for his ult.
Stay away from minions to make Zed choose to use Q against you or minions. Q him when he gets close for farm and play safe post 6 as his burst can take you down fast. Get Zhonya's and Chalice early and you should be fine.
You just need to farm, be carful while zed is level6. Wait in team fight to kill him or if you can before!! but don't grid, don't let him give you free damage with his Q and E, if you can't farm with auto-attacks; Men you are Ziggs!!! i work so Good lu
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How to counter Ziggs as Zed
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Ziggs can do decent in this matchup
ugotopia123 - Posted about Jul 11th, 2014
Ziggs has huge range and Zed relies on his short-medium range + to farm because Ziggs can him when he goes in for a melee attack on a minion. My method was staying away from minions, that made Zed choose to either poke Ziggs or get farm with his . Post 6 Ziggs is in trouble as Zed can use + + to get right onto Ziggs and do enough damage to take him out with his burst. Get an early so you can be invulnerable through the ult proc and post 6 stay very far away from Zed and play passive so that if he chooses to go in on you at least you can try to force him to use . Another problem is Zed's Energy, he can stay in lane longer than Ziggs because Ziggs can eventually run out of mana. Get and as fast as possible and you should be fine.
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