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How to counter Cho'Gath as Renekton
When going in for normal renekton trade (e-w-q-e) activate w before going in, because a smart cho will silence before using q, to stop you from stunning and dodging his q with slice and dice. But if you already have w activated just aa him and walk away.
Try to use enraged W when going for a trade and activate it before going in. Enraged W stun is 1.5s and Cho silence is 1.5s at lvl 1. So if he silences, you will still W since you just AA, and then when the stun ends you can Q and E out.
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The Butcher of the Sands
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How to counter Renekton as Cho'Gath
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Laning phase is a wreck for the Voidbeast
Firuswolf - Posted about Jul 2nd, 2014
Cho'gath is an early game farm/lategame tanky AP with crowd control and no mobility, Renekton is an earlygame mobile bully with crowd control and AoE farming potential.
Renekton players will be able to dash over Cho's Rupture, his #1 source of damage early on, and counterattack with a stun/q and dash to safety (Or dash to chase)
Renekton's Ult gives him bonus health, and most Renekton players will build something with health eventually, making the True Damage Cho deals with his ult difficult to execute him with.
Even midgame when Cho begins to get tanky can be a problem, as many Renekton players will build a Black Cleaver and easily shred Armor, as well as be able to shred ridiculous amounts of armor with a Black Cleaver/Fury empowered E combo.

As Cho, try to stack health first and foremost, attempt to farm as well as you can using passive to heal his poke, wait for jungler or lategame and hope your team can keep up so you can help with amazing CC lategame. Good luck!
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