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How to counter Riven as Tryndamere
While she is better at securing kills, you are better at taking down objectives. Objectives are more important to your team than kills. You can all-in her post-6 and can 1v1 her as soon as you get your items.
Riven has a huge advantage early game. Her early trades hit harder than Tryndamere's unless he gets lucky crits. Riven has the ability to deny you your fury build-up and farm. She is stronger than you early, but you are stronger mid to late game.
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How to counter Tryndamere as Riven
As Riven you just have to pressure down tryndamere and then he is 6 if he waits till last sec to pop ult you just need to R W or W R Q as you wich when he is low. If he mid fight ult just W E and back then aim ult for the kill if he don't run
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Tryndamere WILL win this
DimondPikask - Posted about Jun 30th, 2014
Sorry to sound to one-sided but it's true. Tryndamere should always win this lane.

As Tryndamere:

Max W. This is a HUGE advantage over Riven. Instead of saving W for a slow, use it when Riven tries to engage. This will nullify her damage almost as much as Exhaust. Riven starts level 1 with 51 Attack Damage as base. Tryndamere's W lower's nearby enemies' Attack Damage by 20 at level 1. This will leave Riven with 31 Attack Damage (40 - 50 if she has AD runes) which will seriously mess her up. At level 8, your W will reduce enemy Attack Damage by 80 which is extremely strong. Use that as your advantage. Your crit passive will supplement for not maxing Q or E first.

As Riven:

Play extremely safe and level your abilities as follows: E - Q - W - E - Q
DO NOT fight Tryndamere unless your jungler is near and don't be afraid to Flash if you get into a sticky situation. Just play passively and don't feed the Barbarian. Good luck!
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