The Nine-Tailed Fox
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How to counter Ahri as Fizz
When you are going even, try to engage on her with Q rather than E so that you can use E to dodge her Foxfires and Charm.
Generally to get a kill it's best to avoid using your ult but rather try force her to use her ult to escape you and catch her with the shark as one of her jumps ends.
In duels in minion waves it is best to stay on your pole to maximize the chance that you avoid her Foxfires and ult charges.
Dont use your R unless she has her ult in cooldown.
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The Tidal Trickster
Magical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Fizz as Ahri
When Fizz attempts to tag you with his ult, simply dash to the side with yours. You still have two charges for damage left then.
When fizz jumps on you with q,u can just charm him and cancel it
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More of a skill matchup
DimondPikask - Posted about Jun 30th, 2014
As Ahri:

Start Q and use it to farm rather than poke as it's damage is slightly undesirable at level 1. Abuse your auto attacks and use that to poke him. Play a semi-passive early and NEVER engage on him first. If Fizz uses his E to farm the caster wave, immediately charm where he will land and it should be a definite hit. Follow up with Q and W and he should be forced to Q or Flash away from you. After level 6, use your ult decisively. Fizz may or may not try to ult you and follow up with E > W > Q. You need to make sure his E doesn't land by immediately ulting out of the way and using your E > Q > W combo. Use your first Spirit Rush defensively and last two offensively. If played correctly, Fizz will be way behind and more than likely zoned. Hoped I helped!
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[ - ] awsmagala - Posted about Aug 21st, 2014
As fizz i think this is an easy matchup, i save my q for ahri's charm as she needs that to pull off her full combo. So i max w first then e as that is my main damage combo, e in auto attack with w on a few times and q out of the way of all her spells. two or three trade offs ahri is dead, if she gets around half health after lvl 6 shes dead.
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