The Great Steam Golem
Magical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Blitzcrank as Thresh
Use Thresh's lantern (W) to bring back an ally who has been grabbed by Blitzcrank
Use your Flay (E) to bump Blitzcrank away and slow him when he tries to reach you for his stun (E)
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The Chain Warden
Counter Tips
How to counter Thresh as Blitzcrank
Just stand on Thresh's lantern if they try to get their adc out and everything that he countered you with is basically gone, and not to mention your silence beats his caster role instantly.
You can try to hook thresh at early levels since he doesn't have any souls or armor at early game .But dont be greedy enemy ADC will come for you
Your Q > His Q because your Q has no windup time. If you see him using it go for the Q, then immediately silence him with your ultimate so he can't Flay you or use his lantern. Then knock him up with your E and let your teammates wreak havoc.
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All about begin patience.
Slothliam - Posted about Jun 30th, 2014
When you're thresh you want to wait for blitz to miss his grab this will result in blitz begin near to useless (due to his long cooldown at low levels) to stopping your grab on his adc and ccing your adc, sure he has got his knock up but what help is that when you will take free poke in the face.
So here is what you want to do simplified
Blitz misses his pull, thresh grabs adc, latern your adc. kill there adc.

Some general tips :
When blitz pulls your adc throw the lantern slightly in front so they receive the shield but its not blocked by blitz allowing for a safe escape however this can not always be safe due to blitz combo with his knock up

Thresh's chain has a bigger range then blitz's pull so if you can land a safe hook on to the enemy adc while staying out of blitz's pulls always take it you can then use your lantern to bring your adc along for the ride right to the enemy face, you need want to stay in the way of blitz pull on to your adc to allow for the best damage
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[ - ] Micky350 - Posted about Jun 19th, 2015
It cant be emphasized enough that you have to throw the lantern a bit off to the side as the lantern can't be pulled if they stand on it.
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