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How to counter Fizz as Orianna
Fizz will pretty much be able to outduel you post-6, so pre-6 set him behind by poking with Q+W whenever he goes in to cs, and poke him out of lane.
Buy Negatron and AUG asap, Try to trade him as much as possible before lvl 6. On lvl 2 pick your E. Try to avoid melee meetings.
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How to counter Orianna as Fizz
Hard lane because of her poke try and all in her at lv 3 for an advantage.
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How to play as Orianna
Sanitiy - Posted about Jun 29th, 2014
Oriannas kit has multiple tools to turn the matchup into her favour, though Fizz too has a few points in the game where he achieves a damage spike.

Pre-Game: I'd advise to pick exhaust in this matchup, as Fizz's ult is delayed and a perfect start point to place exhaust, and will migitate more damage than a heal/shield could.

Early levels:
You want to harass Fizz as often as possible with his auto-attacks and Command: Attack (q), to poke him down. Take Command: Protect (e) at level 2 and skill from now on q.
At level 3 Fizz gets his first damage spike, and most Fizz players will try to all in you at this point. Avoid stepping into his q range.

Mid Game:
At level 6, Fizz gets his next spike, though, his nuke shouldn't be capable to 100/0 you, and with exhaust you diminish his burst really well.
As Orianna, you want to punish him for every signal of aggression and poke him with Command: Attack (q) whenever you can. But never let him into his q range, and farm if necessarry with your q.
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