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How to counter Katarina as Lux
Early game, farm safely and snare when you can when jungler ganks. Once you have your items, make sure to deal dmg at a distance by doing your Q+E combo repeatedly until she is low and finish her off with Final Spark. It helps to get Zhonya's if she ults
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Counter Tips
How to counter Lux as Katarina
Lux has nothing to interupt your ultimate so don't be afraid to abuse its low cooldown.
I have played Kat 2 times and I know kat counters lux. you can harass with your q and not get poked by shunpoing all of lux's long cd abilities. Get shunpo level 2. You will eventually force her out of lane (without junglers) and you can look for ganks.
as katarina , try to take advantage during laning phase , and when you force her to back , push and roam , mostly bot for kills , feed yourself , and then you can destroy lux 1v1
Lux lacks hard CC to stop Katarina's Death Lotus so Katarina has a lot of advantage over Lux.
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For me the hardest counter
SirenX - Posted about Jun 22nd, 2014
Lux is very squishy and Kata has an high output of damage. She can zone Lux early because of her Q, E, W combo and can go straight in for an level 6 kill. Lux has nothing to interrupt Katarinas Ult, so if she gets her full combo on you, you are pretty much dead. So try to poke early and farm(! with spells could be an good idea), make her low and if she doesn't leave the lane try to get her with your Ult. You shouldn't pick Lux vs Katarina so avoid this battle, even if you are good. Because if Kata gets any kills you have a hard time in lane. All in all a pretty annoying Match-Up for Lux. So ask for early ganks ( The jungler should let her waste the E first, or she will just jump away )

For me it's the hardest counter, because Fizz and Talon won't zone Lux that much and can be killed with good positioning and good playing.

( Lux main, 63 games this season, Gold V )
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[ - ] Oskiboski - Posted about Jul 5th, 2014
Doesn't her q - snare, interrupt Katarina's ult?
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[ - ] SirenX - Posted about Jul 28th, 2014
Nope. Snares just make them stop moving. When the Q would interrupt the Ult, Lux would be a counter. Then you could just stay under tower and when she ults Q her. It's not that easy ^^
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[ - ] Svetlana Titow - Posted about Jul 16th, 2014
Its a SNARE dude. Soft cc. She can still aa/use spells
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