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How to counter Ezreal as Miss Fortune
If you're able to, push Ezreal to his tower by using your E. If done correctly he wont have any mana left to fight you back.
Force trades in between minions with Ezreal using autos and double up. He cannot trade back at all because his Q is a skillshot.
Wait to use your ultimate until you know Ezreal's E is down, as it is a reliable escape from your aoe.
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Miss Fortune
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How to counter Miss Fortune as Ezreal
Try to dodge her ult with your e, and then use your whole combo on her. Play safe early game, because she will try to poke you down with her q and aa's. When your e is on cooldown, play safe! You can't dodge her ult that way.
Use you're E to dodge her ult and W
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Hard lane for Ez, but not impossible.
Loilo92 - Posted about Jun 14th, 2014
tl;dr MF: Don't get hit to not loose speed. Stay behind minions, poke with Q.
tl;dr Ez: Position yourself well to not get hit by her Q. Dodge ult with E. Hit her whenever possible to make her loose her movespeed.

As Miss Fortune just stay behind minions and use your Q on enemy minions to poke. Ez can't get his Mystic Shots on you while your minions are in the way. In general you can dodge all his skillshots pretty easily with your increased movespeed, just try to keep it by not getting hit.

As Ezreal: Pretty hard lane, you'll be harassed all the time, even behind your minions. In addition she can pretty much dodge everything you throw at her with her movespeed.
- Try to hit her as much as possible with auto attacks to make her loose the movespeed before you use skillshots.
- Try to position yourself in a way she probably can't hit her second Q on you (pretty difficult).
- From level 6, spare your E to dodge her ult.
- She can't poke endlessly. Consider buying a tear to outpoke her.
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[ - ] RmAnami - Posted about Jun 19th, 2014
IMO this matchup depends much more on the supports than on the two themselves. Ez's supports should be someone that can punish hard bad positioning and/or harass her behind minion lines, since MF lacks a lot of mobility without her passive. As for MF, someone who can initiate on the enemy support and lock him/her up could be good - Ez has mobility on his E so it would be hard to getting him, but making sure Ez is alone while you have your support will make him play mostly passive under turret and last hitting with his Q rather than poking with it.
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[ - ] Loilo92 - Posted about Jun 19th, 2014
Good point. I'd even say this is true for most adc matchups - adcs don't really counter each other that hard (with little exceptions), who wins the lane is much more skill-based than on other roles.
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