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How to counter Fiora as Pantheon
Play aggressive, you need to have your passive as often as possible.
long sword+2hp+1mp and just spam your Q on her. after level 2 learn W and she should be about 50% so now you can easy kill her.
Play aggressive, but don't overdo it. Keep an eye on Fiora's damage output and Q her as much as you can. If you do this right, she should have about 50% health at lvl 3 and you should have no problem landing the good old Q>W>E>(A)>Q combo. B
Wait for Fiora to dash in with her Burst of Speed. If you stun her, it'll make that ability useless.
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How to counter Pantheon as Fiora
Start long sword & HP pots x3 use pots when needed. Lvl 1 you have an advantage, right when he gets in lane his passive is probably not up, take advantage and Q, AAx2 and Q him the moment he steps in lane for some good dmg then get out and minion.
Pantheon owns the top lane and he will let you know it. You can't easily all in on him, and your W is practically useless. He lacks sustain so just tough it out and you may come out ahead in CS. This is going to be a rough lane so play safe and get help.
You'll hit lvl 2 in no time the moment you do take 1 in E. If you can get close enough to AA him then do so and follow up with combo if not you can try to exchange. Q him, activate E asap, AA 2-3 times with increased speed and Q again then get out.
When he uses E (tripple strike frontal short range AOE attack) try to be close to him Q in if needed then step out of it or just Ult him. Close to him it has a very small AOE and is his main dmg.
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After changes Pantheon is the Fiora's biggest threat
Tomato Beastmode - Posted about Dec 5th, 2017
Pantheon totally owns Fiora in lane. He constantly pokes with Q and E; Fiora cannot even dash to his vitals because she will lose most hp in trades like this. Panth doesn't need teleport due to his mobility with R so he will mostly play aggresive with ignite. The only one way to survive laning phase as Fiora is to rely on jungler. If you don't get any pressure from your jungler in early, you will problably get outfarmed and outleveled. There are also some chances in stupid dives from Panth side, where you can stun him under tower (it's very easy to block his W with your W but mostly it's not even helpful if it's not mid-late game) or in good teleports on botlane where you can get some gold to survive early.

If you have survived to late game- now it's the time to take your revenge. In late game Fiora as a great duelist will win every all-in just if she R early and block Panth's W.
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