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How to counter Azir
Azirs are forced to start with their W first. At level 1, their soldiers are very immobile, and so is Azir. At level 2, he'll probably take his Q. He shouldn't have escapes until level 3. Get an early gank to try to snowball lane.
Azir's E has a generally long cooldown. If he has dashed recently, take advantage of his escape being down. Be careful if he turns around on you. His shield gives a lot more protection than you think.
Do not fight Azir/his team around a destroyed tower base. Engage once his tower's health is REALLY low, or when it dissipates. It only stays up for 1 minute, and has a 3 minute cooldown.
Azir has to get close for his ultimate to be effective. If he's dashing into a dangerous situation, you can assume he's about to ult.
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A view on Azir's ability rework.
Nakuyomaru - Posted about Oct 6th, 2017
In the hands of an experienced player and a communicative / synergistic team, I would consider these changes to be an Azir buff. The attack speed steroid basically doubles his damage output, and no longer forces Azir to rush towards stinger for the attack speed which allows him to itemize for either more ability power or mana.

Many solo que players feel this is a nerf because of the lack of peel and defense they receive from a team that is not initially working together. The reduced Q range and attack range forces Azir players to kite to their maximum and intensifies the need for positioning, which in turn, truly fits into the personality of a war leader as positioning in combat is truly the most important aspect.

The increased W cast range actually opens up many gank paths for bot and top. Placing the soldier halfway through the wall allows the soldier to appear on the other side which could lead to a drift +
ult combo.

Being an Azir main from release, I feel my word has merit.
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[ - ] Nakuyomaru - Posted about Oct 6th, 2017
I ran out of characters and time at the moment I was writing the initial post, so I quickly added that shitty closer which looks pretentious but I swear I'm just a nice memer.

Anyways, his E changes give him more survivability and versatility to decide which actions to take next. The instant shield can counteract an enemy's nicely aimed ability which then Azir can turn the trade around with the extra solider charge upon hitting a champion. Obviously, the E solider charge creates a nice interaction between W and the attack speed buff. Azir can quickly place both soldiers down, and within the cooldown of W, drift in, sending in all soldiers and creating a third one to instantly proc the attack speed steroid due to the extra charge from E.

As the meta progresses and more and more Azir players experiment with builds, I could see a bruiser type sustained damage build coming out. Expect Korea to do it first. Kappa.
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[ - ] Nakuyomaru - Posted about Oct 6th, 2017
And of course, we have to look at the downsides.

The ult changes. Yes, it's a HUGE nerf to his ult specifically. It substantially lowers his survivability to assassins, and as stated before, moves the focus on his playstyle to surround positioning and kiting. Of course with a good team, as with any other composition, the carries should be peeled for. At max level, the ult almost covers the entire lane. This increases the amount of disengage Azir has and no longer has to depend on jungle walls, or something like that. The increased W range also buffs his W, E, R, Q reposition combo. Of course this leads to a better poke, W spawn within range of an enemy, then basic attack, Q, basic attack to proc Thunderlords if you have it.

As this update has only been out for so long, there's much more to figure out, such as new matchups and interactions. I'll be back!
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