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How to counter Jax as Singed
This should be an easy matchup, fling him as soon as he jumps on you and if he tries to stun you. be careful at level 1 and you'll be just fine after that. Have Ignite ready when he starts building his lifesteal and you can use it when he's around half
If Singed, Take Ignite against a Jax. Take Magic Pen Runes over Hybrid. Kill Lane and Deny.
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Counter Tips
How to counter Singed as Jax
If against a proxy-singed: ignore him, cs, win late. Otherwise: Play passive, you outscale him. In the laning phase, try to only really attack him if he gets too close, otherwise focus on cs. as long as you keep poking him, he will either overstay or back
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How to Beat Singed as Jax
J3r3myDE - Posted about Jul 23rd, 2017
Jax can fight him at level 1 with his E - Counter Strike, consider taking ignite (this is usually not a good idea) and try to get level 2 first for an all in first blood but don't fight him if Singed is level 2 as well. Do not Build Triforce first but instead first back buy a dorans shield+ ward (now you have Corrupting Pot, Dorans shield and a "control ward"). Place the ward in the brush next to your tower (red side tribush or Brush next to krugs, blue side brush northern to Grom) to avoid a Dive from Singed and his Jungler. Second Back buy Vamp scepter then work towards boots and finish Gunblade (99% of the time) or Titanic Hydra (Do this only if he proxys for whatever reason). Singed is one of the worst Lanes to face as Jax and you are going to miss CS. However after you completed Gunblade and you are not really far behind the tables will turn and you will outtrade/sustain him. Don't get greedy and mess it up, dying in this lane can cost you the Game since a fed Singed can Dive you.
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[ - ] ojitosgames - Posted about Oct 3rd, 2017
in fact a participation of lvl 1 is not the best option because most of the times the singed players do not start with any skill, they wait until lvl 2 to start with the combo Q and E and, begining a fight in lvl 1 will force the singed to upgrade E and try to trick you to keep fighting him until he gets inside the tower with his E making you take a bunch of DMG.
singed is weak against poking Do not try to kill it in a fight unless you get a lot to sustain, make quick hits and if you have the titanic hydra punish his farm with that
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