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How to counter Lulu as Sona
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How to counter Sona as Lulu
You and your AD should play defensive until Lulu is level 4-5 where her Q starts to hit a lot harder, once Sona is 6 make sure never to stack on your AD as a double stun can end you, get mana pots after first back and you can sustain vs her and outscale.
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Sona has an advantage over Lulu.
Ra9eQuit - Posted about Feb 1st, 2016
Sona has more damage, more sustain, more burst and about the same mana usage. Lulu can't keep up with that. Her stun at Level 6 is especially dangerous because it could potentially make you unable to Ult. This makes using your Ult as a bait not possible. Use your Ult preemptively.

The only weakness Sona has, is that she is extremly squishy, but sadly not squishy enough to be able to get bursted down by Lulu. I always try to push the lane hard as Lulu support, because you have more wave clear and that makes pushing her under tower, poking her and so on easier. If you are able to do that Max your Q first, if you get pushed in, max your Shield first and avoid as much poke as possible with it.

I recommend for Lulu getting ignite, hard push the lane early, maybe even get the Level 2 advantage and keep the lane pushed, as long as they don't get a kill on your lane.
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