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How to counter Leona as Vayne
When Leona starts her Zenith Blade (e), just condemn (e) her back. And since she's most likely going to be doing it from a bush, keep the bush warded and your condemn could lead to a stun, giving your bot lane the upper hand.
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How to counter Vayne as Leona
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Avoid picking Leona if you want to win with a Vayne ADC
whyyoukickmydog - Posted about Dec 24th, 2015
People are downvoting everyone that is trying to explain what should be obvious. I'll try to provide a more detailed reason why you should never pick Leona with Vayne.

Vayne works best with a support that stays with the ADC and peels the AD assassins. Leona's will never do this they will yolo into the enemy team every single time, and while your team goes wrecking ball nobody is watching that Zed run up to you and ult you til you die.

Not only that, but silver bolt procs on the 3rd AA meaning that Leona's EQ combo won't allow Vayne to capitalize from this mechanic until she gets some items. Until that time, the enemy support and ADC can actually return fire and probably win the trade.

In most matchups, Leona will just end up being a huge damage sponge as the player slowly learns that going all in is simply not working.

Leona works best with an ADC that can unload burst damage on her stuns.

I die a little inside every time someone picks Leona when I have picked Vayne.
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