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How to counter Annie as Yasuo
Magic Resist Quints and scaling Glyphs its a must, Annie's kit counters Yasuo real hard, she got a stun and you can't block her W, when she hits 6 her combo burst can almost insta kill you, buy Magic Mantle asap to win damage trades.
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Counter Tips
How to counter Yasuo as Annie
Annie's vastly superior range will easily reduce Yasuo's passive. Additionally Yasuo cannot block Tibbers, W and Annie's passive is not consumed if Q doesn't land (walled) making Yasuo ineffective at dodging her punishing CC.
You need to bully him out of lane at level 1. Use AA to destroy his shield, and harass with AA and Qs. Bait out his wall before going in. Remember W and R does not get blocked. If he tries to trade, use your E, which should be gotten at level 3 / 4.
If i see Yasuo, i always pick Annie - he makes it way too easy. Zone hard, get close to minions and use your q to last hit, when he gets close at all - auto attack.. micro manage doing that until you can make good trades (AA, Q, W, Return). Always dodge.
Neat trick: If you know you can't dodge his airborne and you have your stun up, stun him while the tornado is mid-air. He won't be able to cast ult and he's weak after he's used his 3rd Q.
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This fire is too hot for the Samurai
Nightraxx - Posted about Dec 16th, 2015
This lane can be tricky, if you don't know what you are doing as Annie, but if you know what Yasuo is all about, it become very easy to win.

As an avid Annie player, ever since Yasuo became one of the rather popular Mid picks, i have played this Matchup probably like nearly a good 50 times. And what i can say with safety, is that unless their Jungler helps out Yasuo often, or the Annie player simply is bad, he will lose this lane.

Yasuo can not survive Annie's burst potential at all, and his item build path will keep him squishy for a long time. Annie can basically 100-0 him once she had Either Luden's or Rabadon's finished.

As Annie, whenever he goes to last hit, you can easily pop his annoying shield with an auto-attack, your 575 range ensures that.

NEVER use your Q to try to stun him, because he will Windwall. Instead, stand close to the minions and wait for whenever he comes in range to last hit, then stun him with W, because he can't block it. At 6, go in with R, Q+W+Ignite
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