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How to counter Garen as Nasus
2 Garen is early stronger, don`t fight him 1 vs 1. Force him to use his Judgment, so he`ll hit some minions and they`re pushing towards your tower and you can easily stack your Q. Around Level 9 you are stronger and can fight him
In a winning 1v1. Wither when he activates Judgement. Try to walk behind him and keep im zoned in youre E. Then begin AA. And if hes not dead yet, W + E + AA + Q
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Counter Tips
How to counter Nasus as Garen
You counter his only form of crowd control, you can bully him easily since you're resourceless, you can mitigate his Q's with your W, and your ultimate counters his. Unless Nasus gets a jungle babysit, you can definitely shut him down easily.
The Q counter the slow :D
If Nasus uses his ult, your ult will deal more damage.
Try to predict his Qs during farming and use your combo berofe or after that skill, then he'll eather miss 3 stacks, but damage you slightly, or he'll get stacks, but he won't do almost any damage to you.
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Good Garen has this one pretty easily
hi im Isus - Posted about Dec 7th, 2015
Even though Garen has a hard time killing Nasus late game, in early game it's a completely different story. You're much stronger as Garen in the early game than Nasus. Here are some tips for Garen:
-Do not push too much, because he'll stack his Q easily once your minions are under his turret
-Use your Q on him to prevent him from slowing you down with his W or using his E
-Avoid going back before level 6, stay close to minions all the time so you reach level 6 before him for an easier kill
-Try getting a gank before he reaches level 6 to kill him much easily
-Use your W once he uses his E on you so you take less damage.
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