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How to counter Jax as Pantheon
Pantheon is stronger and can beat u if he uses his passiv well .however u can start cloth and potion with tp try just to sustain and farm he will spam poke u with Q heal up once hes oom if he overpoke u go all in u can kill him if not just keep farming
Poke Jax a lot with your q to get him low. If he uses his E, just W onto him and walk away so he cant stun you. If you get a kill on him from an early gank or at least force him to back making him fall behind in levels, the lane is basically over for jax.
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How to counter Pantheon as Jax
Start with long sword and potions, and use your W to poke him, when you reach lvl 2 Use your E to stun him everytime he try to jump on you, if you stun him try to kill him by using W. And awalys call for ganks!
Your only hope of an early good trade as Jax is your level 1 and only your level 1. Abuse the brush and engage on Pantheon first with E while smacking him with autoattacks. After that, hope to god Pantheon is either oom or getting ganked by your jungler.
start with cloth armor + 4 pots so pantheon q's won't hurt you much instead he will be going out of mana cuz of that q spam, farm safely meanwhile use brush if you have to. At level 3, try trading with him just make sure you land your stun after his.
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Against Pantheon? Bring it on. (Season 6)
Xyzoxious - Posted about Nov 18th, 2015
For me, this is an easy matchup as Jax. You'll definitely have to take some poke, but you can dish it out just as good.

If you don't know, the best mastery for Jax right now is Fervor of Battle.

I almost always start with a sword and 3 pots. But you can start with cloth. Level 3 is where you can really do some damage, so try to stay relatively safe and close to tower until then.
You're gonna wanna try and bait Pantheon's combo. Because after he uses it, you can do yours and most likely do more damage than he did. Let him W-Q-E, but right when you become un-stunned, turn on your E (counterstrike) and auto/W him as much as possible. If he tries to get away, you can Q on him and re-activate your counterstrike. Make SURE you're close enough for your counterstrike to stun him. If you miss the stun, you might have taken to much poke the first time to do this again. Be careful not to over-extend. If he's not backing off while you're attacking, he may have a jungler waiting.
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