The Loose Cannon
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Counter Tips
How to counter Jinx as Vayne
Fighting within close proximity at a sharp angle while strafing will allow you to dodge Jinx's abilities easily. Jinx's Super Mega Death Rocket! and Zap! both have relatively long cast times.
As vayne, you're weak in early, but you can burst jinx at level 6. The passive allows the chase, and often result in a kill.
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The Night Hunter
Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Vayne as Jinx
Snare her and you'll counter her tumble and ult
Early-on: make sure to push the lane out and try to poke Vayne as much as you can, punish her for every cs if you can. Once Vayne has Blade of the Ruined King, she is able to 1v1 you quite easily. You should wait for a support engage/ganks and play safe.
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Two hypercarries... Who wins?
TwillyFSniper - Posted about Nov 9th, 2015
If it were but for one thing, it would be a complete draw. Jinx has the ability to lane-bully Vayne. Jinx can CS absurdly fast. She can use the Rocket to clear waves extremely quickly, particularly at higher levels. The gold income difference will become the undoing of Vayne's carry. Although Jinx can get outduelled with not an awful lot of difficulty by Vayne, particularly one of a higher skill level.
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[ - ] whyyoukickmydog - Posted about Dec 24th, 2015
^ This

Jinx can bully Vayne in the laning phase and make life very difficult. The range on her rockets allows her to safely poke you down while also pushing the waves into your tower forcing you to try and cs under turret. She can usually build enough of a lead so that when you try to duel her she can simply erase you with a few rocket crits.
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