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How to counter Ryze as Twisted Fate
Ryze has very short range skills so you just can deny all his farming with an easy Yellow card and Q combo
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Twisted Fate
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How to counter Twisted Fate as Ryze
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Can't touch TF
Iceborn - Posted about Nov 2nd, 2015
Just played this matchup as Twisted Fate and actually it was a lot easier than I expected.

Ryze almost can't get close and snare you since the snare range is just 75 units longer and his Q, which now is a skillshot, can be avoided just by standing behind minions.
TF can also use Red Card to hit minions near Ryze and stop him from getting closer and his burst is very predictable thanks to his new passive (when you realize Ryze's passive it's ready to come out, save your Yellow Card).
If needed, TF can farm at distance with Wild Cards and recover some mana with blue card.

As supposed to do as TF in general, build some CDR early and make maximum use of your ult, pushing your lane then ganking. Even if Ryze runs Teleport, he won't be able to follow you all the time due to CDs.
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