The Eternal Hunters
Counter Tips
How to counter Kindred as Xin Zhao
If xin is not challenging kindred or other priority targets, he can possibly knock them out of her ultimate.
it destroys the kindred fully
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Xin Zhao
The Seneschal of Demacia
Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Xin Zhao as Kindred
Just q away when he is using e and kite him.. Try not to take dmg, because Xin Zhao do alot of dmg.
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Squishy and the Beast
frox2k6 - Posted about Oct 28th, 2015
She's got a great jungle clear, but a weak start where she is forced to be low frequently, she'll go to both scuttlers for health, hide in a bush and catch her when she does this, you can EASILY outduel her as Xin pre-6, buy items like ghostblade/mobility boots/furor or alacrity enchantment early and you can farm her, she will not be able to escape, hot low HP points for her are blue and red, so ward them if you don't want to waste time waiting for her, pay attention to her marks and ward them too, you can pretty much easily outduel her the entire game, remember a challenged target does not get knocked back, so avoid challenging her until she uses her ult, then blow her up, alternatively, just smite her with stalker's blade after getting her low, and then kill her.

There are so many routes to victory that Xin should honestly be considered a hard-counter for her, the only downside is if your team is being heavily pressured in all lanes, you might not be able to spare the time to gank.
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